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​We are excited to announce the release of our new impulse purchase product Headache Helper.  Made from soft stretch French Terry it's a comfortable way to wear a cold compress.  No need for a wet washcloth.  No need to lay down and hold an ice pack.
   “Cold masks or wraps over the forehead, eyes and temples help the throbbing pain of a migraine,” says neurologist Jennifer Kriegler, MD. Ice is preferred.
When shopping for an OTC pain medicine why not offer an irresistable urge to grab an additonal product that promises sweet relief?  When it includes two flexible cold packs that slide in at a minimal price point it's an offer too good to resist!


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If you have ever suffered with the pain of headache you are not alone. Every year millions of Men and Women purchase pain relief aids with OTC remedies like aspirin, NSAIDS, and other anti- inflamatories. Now there's the perfect addition!